Greatwide Company Overview

Shippers count on Greatwide (GWTM) for turnkey transportation solutions and 24/7/365 central dispatch. We offer the highest standards in safety and on-time pickup and delivery. GWTM is comprised of four of the premier companies in the industry. They contribute their proud history and extensive experience to our own. GWTM has a vast network of Agents you can rely on for all your transportation and logistics needs.

• GWTM's headquarters is in Langhorne, PA. We also have an office in Mooresville, NC and Pleasant Prairie, WI.
• Greatwide Truckload Management is a member of The Evans Network of Companies
• Greatwide Truckload Management divisons:

System truck capability in an Owner Operator environment...
    • Regulatory compliance
    • General liability, bodily injury and property damage as well as and cargo insurance
    • Accident reporting and emergency response
    • System trucks for additional capacity
    • Network provides backhaul support
    • Broker freight to more than 20,000 approved carriers
    • Each shipment continually monitored by Central Dispatch, 24/7/365



Greatwide is proud member of The Evans Network of Companies

Founded in 1939 by Albert Evans Sr. in Pottsville PA, The Evans Network of Companies has evolved over the last three decades from an asset heavy LTL trucking operation, into the largest asset light, independent Intermodal drayage provider in North America. The Company has primarily been focused on building its drayage platform through service expansion and acquisitions. As of today, the network has expanded operations to include brokerage, flatbed, truckload and LTL. The network includes 600 service center locations, more than 6,000 trucks and revenues in excess of 1.2 billion dollars. Expansion extends into employment as well. The Company now employs 400+ staff, half of whom are in the Schuylkill Haven corporate office.

It is our pledge to operate safely with uncompromising integrity, availing benefits to our customers, agent partners, independent contractors, employees and the community at large.