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Robert Morookian

Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina

About Robert...

I’m Robert Morookian and my partner is Cooper. When I retired from the corporate world around 15 years ago, I got bored real fast. So, I started from scratch, got my CDL and drove for Swift for a couple of years. I bought a new Freightliner Columbia and found my way to Greatwide.  My 1.5 million miles has included power only, van and step deck and I found a home with Tybo Transportation, hauling containers out of Charleston. My time with Greatwide and the folks at Tybo have been nothing less than amazing. I could not ask for a better partnership.

Lloyd Watson

Sabattus, Maine

About Lloyd...

My name is Lloyd Watson from Sabattus, Maine. I'm an Army veteran and strive to do everything in life to the best of my ability. I've been a professional driver for 25 years and found a true home at Greatwide five years ago. I'm a humble person, so instead of talking about myself, I would like to give thanks. It's been an amazing ride at Greatwide and I truly appreciate everyone within the Greatwide network for all they do. Carlos Toro Manrique, Robert Reynoso and the rest of the staff at Greatwide (too many to mention), thanks for all you do to help us be successful. I would also like to give a special thanks to the New York Agency I spend most my time working with. Debra and Richie Chomicki, thank you for the hard work and long hours to keep me moving over the years. You have always made yourselves available seven day a week, 24 hours a day, including holidays. I would like to thank my family for their love, support and understanding. Being away from one's family is extremely difficult. My thoughts and prayers are with us all during these difficult times. Mask up everyone and stay safe my friends.

Steven Shaw

Las Vegas, NV

About Steven...

My name is Steven Shaw and I live in Las Vegas, NV.  I was a Security officer for 20 years and wanted to change my career. I got my CDL to become a professional truck driver and have been driving for 17 plus years. I want to thank God for keeping me safe through the storms and this pandemic. I want to thank Shane Anstice for being there for me from day one and nominating me for this award. I want to thank everyone who made this possible. I'd like to thank Greatwide's staff for doing what they do. I'd like to thank all the agents for keeping me moving. My job turns in to a vacation that never ends, because you have to enjoy what you do. To my fellow drivers: MASK UP and be safe. God bless.

Josh Hanna

Rogers, Ohio

About Josh...
My name is Josh Hanna. I'm 23, from Eastern Ohio. I started with Greatwide last February. Along with driving,
I've been working on overhead cranes with my dad for about 5-6 years. I have always wanted to drive and run
heavy equipment, so I got my CDL when I was 19. Over the last two years, I began driving trucks. I bought my
truck for hauling frac sand, originally, but work in my area was slowing down. I found Greatwide by accident.
While researching other carriers, Greatwide kept coming up. After finding out another carrier I wanted to
work with wasn't a good fit, I looked closer at Greatwide and eventually started driving with them. My only
regret is that I didn't come here first.

Alvin Palmer

San Antonio, TX

About Alvin...
My name is Alvin Palmer and I’m from San Antonio, TX. I’ve been with Greatwide for about 2 1/2 years. I would like to thank my wife, Karen, for dealing with the trucking life. A special thanks to Justin Lancaster, (my Guardian Dispatcher at Greatwide) for going above and beyond to keep me rolling. Thank you, Justin! I would also like to thank Brittany with GRC for being one of the greatest Dispatchers I’ve ever met. Thank you, Brittany! Greatwide has been an awesome experience. I’ve had a chance to move a lot of different kinds of freight and have met a lot of good people along the way. Thanks to everyone who picked me for Driver of the Month. I really appreciate it. To all the drivers...be safe out there!

Ira Hay

Kingsport, TN

About Ira...
My name is Ira Hay. I have had the pleasure of being married to my wife, Leyla, for 31 years after meeting her in Germany. I started driving semi trucks after returning from a 12 year stay in Germany. I started out in the military, but stayed after my service was finished. I came back to the states in 1998 with a wife and 2 kids and was looking for the quickest way to support them and myself. Driving seemed to be the logical choice. I have worked with different companies over the years, but Greatwide has been a standout from day one. From the onboarding process, to the daily hiccups that happen, someone has always been there to help. That means a lot to me. The latest struggle we've all had to deal with is the virus; with all of the complications it puts in front of us. I work with Ian Brown, who I must say, has the best crew and really seems to make an effort to support me. Those guys have all my respect. Greatwide has supported me through both good and bad times on the road. I am very pleased and grateful for the opportunity to work with a company and people that will reward your hard work. 

Warren Rice

Siler City, NC

About Warren...
I'm a North Carolina native and have been driving since 1977. During that time, I have hauled just about everything that you could stack on wheels; from watermelons to military tanks (even some things that they wouldn't tell me what was on board). I started during a time when truck drivers were cut from a different cloth; not better, just different. A lady could have a flat tire on the side of the road and a truck driver would stop to help. To the lady, those glowing lights behind her were a welcomed sight; even better than police. We were respected and admired by the public when I first started. Hell, back in those days, songs were written about truckers. I hope to see those days come back. In the meantime, I'm just going to haul for GREATWIDE and try to set an example for younger drivers.
Be safe drivers. -- Warren Rice

Joseph Harbert

Oakland, MD

About Joseph...
My name is Joseph Harbert and I've been with Greatwide for a little over 2 years. I actually was able to add a second truck and bring on another driver last year, with the help of GRC and their excellent team. I started driving trucks in 2010 and have loved it ever since. I’m married with 7 kids, 4 of whom still live at home. I want to thank Brandi Minor at GRC and Kandi my dispatcher for all they do to keep my trucks moving and helping me meet my goals. Hoping for many more years with them. 


Evron Dixon

Sanford, NC

About Evron...
My name is Evron Dixon and I want to thank Lari Uncapher & Greatwide for the recognition. As many of you know, this profession comes with great sacrifice, so I want to thank my wife for the love and support for 20 years while raising our kids and holding down the home front. I'm very thankful for my family & friends near and far as well. Driving for 28 years has come with many highs and lows, but overall, it’s been a very rewarding experience. I hope to see this industry get back to old times, when camaraderie was sacred amongst drivers. In my down time, I enjoy cooking, hanging out with my family and deep sea fishing. Finally, I want to thank God who has ridden with me all these years and continues to protect and look over me. Drive safely out there and my prayers are with each of you!


Chuck Lewis

St. Buchanan, Michigan

About Chuck...
My name is Chuck Lewis and I'm 53 years old. I think the most important thing that keeps me driving like I do is a strong family that understands what it takes to be a OTR driver. I have a loving wife, Traci who knows this because we teamed for 8 years all over the country.  Now she takes care of all our household needs and pets (2 dogs, 3 cats, 2 lizards and a bunch of fish), 3 daughters and 8 grandchildren. I graduated high school in ‘85, joined the U.S. Army and took part in the reactivating of 1st/22nd Driver Support Platoon 10th Mountain Division FT Drum New York. I have been a team member of Aaron McCall’s Greatwide Terminal #815 for the past 10 years. All together I have been driving for 34 years. I would like to say Thank You to my family for their sacrifice, my support team for their hard work and Greatwide for recognizing my hard work as a driver.


Johnny Pugh

West Columbia, South Carolina

About Johnny...
My name is Johnny W. Pugh. All of my truck driving friends call me PEPILUPOU or PEPI. I have been driving 18 wheelers since I was 19 years old (at that time they say I was the youngest person in South Carolina to have a class 3 license...that's what it was called back then). I'm 57 now. I am retired military and I did 1 year in Iraq. I'm a cook, truck driver and come back engineer. I have a wife and son whom I love very much. I been with Greatwide ATF for about 15 years. I think this is a pretty good company and I will most likely will retire from here one day.


John Granger

Muskogee, Oklahoma

About John...
I live in Muskogee, Oklahoma and have been driving for 19 years. I have been working with a great agent, Robbie.
Thanks for all the support!


Rudy M. Nava, Jr.

Sealy, Texas

About Rudy...
My story began in Bellville, TX, but raised in Sealy, TX.  During my senior year of high school, I enrolled in the delayed entry program for the United States Army. After graduation, I completed basic training at Ft. Dix, NJ and advanced individual training at Ft. Eustis, VA. After completing my training, I had the honor of serving with some great brothers and sisters in a couple different units, the 4/11th ACR and the 4/3rd ACR. I defiantly am proud of my military service.

After my time in service, I started driving trucks in the oilfield, until the bottom fell out, which a lot of guys scurried around looking for ways to provide for their families. At this time, it led me to this great company that gave me the chance to find my place with this new family. Some of my brothers that I served time with in the oilfield, are also co-workers of mine at this company as well. I don’t see any of the guys I work with as co-workers, I see them as family. That’s the type of atmosphere that Mr. Ray Madden encourages us to follow. As long as I’ve been with Highway Haulers, they have been with Greatwide, which has been a good working partnership. It’s been an honor working for such a great company with great people and there’s so much of a story still to be written.

I am a father of 4 children (2 boys & 2 girls) and 2 grandchildren (1 granddaughter & 1 grandson) - they are my world. I would do whatever I have to for them. They are my reason waking each and every day and doing what I do. 

A small passion of mine is photography. My oldest son participates in sports, so on the weekends during his meets, I am able to take pics of him and his teammates, which I totally enjoy doing. A lot of people get to see frozen moments in time that were not able to attend. 

Thank you again for this honor. I am just a guy that goes to work just like everyone else to do what they can to provide whatever life they can for their family.